Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are the heart of The Literacy Council. Last year, more than 117 volunteers gave more than 14,000 hours to help adult learners achieve their educational goals. Volunteers serve as teachers, tutors, mentors, event planners, board members, committee members and provide assistance in day to day functions of The Literacy Council.

We provide everything you need to get started – training, materials, ongoing support and access to staff who are eager to ensure that your volunteer experience is enjoyable and rewarding.

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Contact Jane Myers, Volunteer Services Coordinator, jane@getliterate.org or 717-295-5523.

DONATE INVEST in your community

Supporting adult literacy and basic education in your community is a sound investment. Adult education programs have a measurable 450% return. This comes in the form of increased tax revenue and reduced reliance on social services. Educated citizens work, pay taxes and give back to their communities.

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